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Joseph "Jose" David Murrieta, my 4th great grandfather. This family heritage was found through the marriage documents of my great grandparents, Ramon Moreno and Margarita Romero. The record was an "Informacion Matrimonial" through the Catholic Church Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, Altar Sonora Mexico. The marriage occurred June 11, 1883.   

The church record shows a hand drawn family tree with 4 generations, it shows Joseph David as the head of one family. This tree was written to determine the level of blood closeness between Ramon and Margarita. This was common when family members were to be married. Ramon and Margarita were 3rd cousins. An approval from the church was necessary for their union.

During this time period inter marriage within families was common, populations were small and a lot of the men traveled north to work in the placer mines. 

Joseph David Murrieta and spouse Rosa Valenzuela produced many children. Many descendants are located in California and though out the United States and Mexico.

Children - Leonor Murrieta and Antonio Murrieta. As recorded in the church document. There are more.

Leonor Murrieta, Spouse Fernando Bejarano. Children: Reyes, Crisanto, Francisco, Ysabel, Brijida, Cleta and Rosa Bejarano Murrieta. 

Leonor Murrieta is my 3th Great Grandmother, Brijida Bejarano is my 2rd Great Grandmother. Brijida married Luis Romero their daughter Margarita Romero is my great grandmother.

Antonio Murrieta, spouse unknown. Children: Concepcion Murrieta.

Antonio Murrieta is my 3rd Great Grandfather. His daughter Concepcion Murrieta is my 2nd Great Grandmother. Concepcion married Ramon Moreno, their son Ramon Moreno is my great grand father.    

Joseph David's father was Juan Jose Murrieta. Juan Jose along with his brother Capitan Jesus Maria Murrieta helped establish the Presidio de Altar, Sonora Mexico some time in the late 1700. They came from Hacienda el Alamito near Hermosillo and settled per land grant Hacienda San Rafael de los Alamitos near the city of Trincheras. There is a Spanish land grant to document this.   

Joseph David had two brothers Salvador and Juan Murrieta and one sister Concepcion Murrieta. Joaquin Murrieta "El Patrio" is the son of Juan Murrieta.


David Murrieta and family are descendants of Joseph David Murrieta. Photo taken in 1936 by Frank Latta in front of the Murrieta store Trincheras Sonora. Photo provided Norberto Murrieta.

Photo taken in 1936 by Frank Latta in front of the Murrieta store Trincheras Sonora. The person with white trousers is Raul Murrieta. Photo provided Norberto Murrieta.

Camp site at El Boludo mine 1890. Photo provided by Norberto Murrieta.

Joaquin Murrieta "El Guero" a direct descendant of Joseph David Murrieta. The cousin to Joaquin Murrieta "El Patrio" Photo provided by Norberto Murrieta.


Joaquin Murrieta's El Guero and El Patrio, photo provided by Norberto Murrieta.

Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, a presidential candidate assassinated in Tijuana Mexico. His mother was Armida Ofelia Murrieta (Garcia). Photo provided by Norberto Murrieta.   

Author Frank F. Latta produced a book called Joaquin Murrieta and his Horse Gangs. Written in 1936 this books highlights the story of Joaquin Murrieta and his family. Latta went to Sonora and interviewed many family members. Please note: inaccuracies have been discoved in his book however it is a good reference.

His book tells of the origins, struggles and of the life and times. Here are some excerpts from his book.

Conquistadors - The direct Murrieta ancestor in America was with the earliest Conquistador landing in what today is Mexico. According to David, Elias, luis and Rafael Murrieta his given name has been handed down as Juan. Only a few months after the conquest of Mexico City was completed, pioneer Juan Murrieta settled near where present day Morelia is located in the State of Michoacan - more than 450 years ago. David, Elias, luis and Rafael Murrieta also stated that before this original Juan Murrieta returned to his birth place near Madrid Spain, he had married in Michoacan and had a family there. It is from the children of that family that the Sonoran Murrietas Descended.

In Michoacan - A Murrieta family with itchy feet, moved near Mocorito below El Fuerte in northern Sinaloa and spent 100 years - raising cattle, placer mining, fighting Indian's. The above listed authorities as well as Aureliano Murrieta at his Rancho Isleta near real de los Alamos in Sonora agreed that this was the aged-old format of existence. More restless Murrieta's moved from Sinaloa to Sonora.

Indians - Here at San Rafael de los Alamitos the Murrieta's had lots of trouble with Indians. The Seris lndians lived all around here, and the Yaquis from the south and the Apaches from the north came here to raid. They came and killed many of the Murrieta's and ran off their horses and cattle. The murrieta's did just like they did at Los Alamos. They Raised stock, mined and fought Indians for 100 years.